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This 2mm thick, stylish aluminium keyring features a wave design cut out along the bottom! Handstamped with the passionate message "HAPPINESS COMES IN WAVES", it carries an inspiring reminder of the value of embracing life's joys! Crafted with precision, each item is handstamped and individually made to order to create a unique piece. Approx 60mm x 30mm.


The keyrings are made from aluminium which is a lightweight hard wearing metal. It will not rust but will scratch if in contact with other metals etc so signs of wear are normal if worn with other tags or accessories.

Made from shiny aluminium which is a lightweight but durable metal. Aluminium is hypoallergenic and will not irritate sensitive skin. It does not rust but will scratch over time and if used with other metals

All items are handstamped with each letter stamped individually by hand. This adds to the uniqueness of each piece and no two items will be exactly the same.


*You may notice slights indents on the back of the item, this is metal displacement caused when the stamp hits the metal. This is part of the making process and is normal for handstamped items. It is not a fault or flaw and does not affect the use of the item.

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